Driven Colton and Rylee editions…

So I’ve been wanting the Colton edition of Driven for a while now but when it came to ordering it thought i cant get Colton without Rylee. Plus because I had to get the books from KBromberg’s website which she is based in the USA it would be cheaper to get them both at the same time due to shipping costs.

So they came today which I’m so.plesse about and Kristy ( the author) was so kind and added some other extra bits. I would order from her website again in the future if I’m unable to purchase I the U.k.

Kristy Bromberg is one of my fave authors along with Jodi Ellen Malpas and E L James.

Been quite busy…

My Daughter has on half term so me and her dad have been busy doing stuff with her and taking her out to places.

I keep meaning to post more on here but I dont just want to post for the sake of it.

In a few weeks I’ll have some stuff to post a Austism related thing and some book stuff.

So for now here are some of my recent things I purchased oh and a pic of some home made houmas that I made with my Nutribullet magic blender.

Here is a pic of my new fan, it sits on my neck and it lights up all different colours and as 3 diffrentvspped settings, it keeps me really cool and it’s very good at keeping you cool in a hot kitchen

My new book from another fave author of mine. #kbromberg

My Funko to sit with my brite bomber Funko.

And here is my home made houmas topped with paprika. This is alot healthier than shop bought and it’s cheaper. All it needs is a can of chickpeas, pinch of salt, teaspoon of dried garlic granules and two tablespoons of lemon juice. Just blitz it in the blender until smoothe.

Anyway I’ll be back again soon with the other stuff that I mentioned.

Oh and one more thing you can now find me on tiktok.

Bye for now…


Iced Latte…

Iced Latte in my new pineapple mason jar, I love all things pineapple and if you have seen my other post on here with the bookshelves you will see my other pineapple things. If anyone has read the one night series by Jodi Ellen Malpas you will understand the pineapple thing. Funny thing is though when I was reading One night promised I actually had the same thing baking in the oven when I got to that point in the book where they was having the same thing. I never knew that was in the book. All I knew was there was a pineapple thing going on due to being in Jodis Facebook group. You need to go and read the book if you want to find out what thing I was baking that is mentioned in the book…

Brite Bomber (Fortnite)

Brite Bomber in the packet.
Very small collection of Brite Bomber, The Brite Bomber in the dome was what is in the packet.

So Fortnite is one of the other many games that I play. I like to play both modes of Fortnite they are Save the world and Battle royale. Yes I play Fortnite and there are many more people my age and older that do, I watch a really nice streamer on Twitch in her 50s play this. Anyway onto Battle Royale and the character I use, I always play as Brite Bomber I never use anyone else because I really like her unicorn theme, I do have Dark Bomber but I’m yet to use her she is just exactly the same as Brite Bomber just looks like a night version of her. I have the battle pass and I like doing the daily and weekly challenges and always make sure to complete the battle pass. Now onto the other mode of Fortnite.
Save the word is great fun there is lots of missions to choose from and you can earn Vbucks for daily challanges, There are quite a few types of missions like rescuing the survivors, Killing encampments, build the radar tower and more. In save the world you are killing husks and not people. My fave character in save the world is Penny but I don’t use her often because she runs too slow so at the moment I play as Jess. I would love to be able to play as Brite Bomber in this mode but unfortunately, that’s not possible right now.

Daughter is on half term.

My Daughter is on school half term now for a week we don’t have much planned but I’m looking forward to a lay in. We are going to do some craft making and do a bit of shopping. I’m also going to be doing some reading, streaming,listening to music and taking part in my hubby’s streams. Well thats all for now its quite hot here so I’m going to go try cool down before my hubby’s Friday night stream on Twitch.

Enjoy the slide show of some of the pics I’ve posted since my time on here. This is just a few.

New Book

All i am – Drews story

So i have had this story on my kindle since it was released but it never came out in paperback in Engish, So when I found it came out in paperback but in Hungarian i just had to get it to add to the rest of my Jodi Ellen Malpas books. I won’t be able to read it but it looks good with the rest of Jodis books. Here is the link if anyone else wishes to buy it

My Sunday

I haven’t really been up to much today, Me and my little girl (not really little she’s 11) have been messing about with Snapchat on my phone so we had a right laugh with that even got some pics of the hubby Hehe. Also last week my Daughter choose to spend her money on the recipe book Pinch Of Nom so today we went through it and marked some pages that had nice recipes with post-it notes so we can come back to it and hopefully make some of them. After a few other things i had a latte and played a bit of Saints Row and some Fortnite. I like to play both modes of Fortnite with Save The World mode being my favourite. Aside from all that I didn’t do much else apart from sorting out clean clothes and putting them away. I’m trying to put something on here daily so hopefully I’ll have some really good things to post with new Switch games coming out and then there’s the books I’ll be reading and the new books I’ll be getting so i can post something about them maybe reviews or something. Anyway that’s all for now.

Paul if you see this no Meow lol… Hehe..