Pick N Melt

So My hubby came across this website that sell wax burners and melts. So with how much we both like these things we decided to get some and though it would be also nice to have a new burner for them. I picked Alien and Candy Floss and Hubby picked Chocolate Orange and Rain water. At the moment we have Alien burning and it smells amazing. I cant wait to burn the others to find out what they smell like. The melts come in a really cute pick n mix bag. Also it comes with some free tealights there is also some instructions and warnings leaflet. I would also like to say the prices are great and there is so many to choose from. Get yours here- https://www.picknmelt.com

Not Much Too Say Right Now… So Just A Quick Hello.

My Daughter went back to school today after having half term for 1 week, while she was off I didn’t get much reading done so now that she back I can continue reading. I will put a better post on here soon I just need to get back into my routine again of 6.30 am alarms Mon- Fri.


I love this app, this is where i listen to all of my music, Im on the family plan which gives you 6 accounts, I have my Hubby and Daughter on with me. The family plan works out so much cheaper at £14.99 rather than £9.99 each. I used to use the free version which is ok if you dont mind being only being able to skip the songs a few times every hour. I love that you can sync your Spotify on the PC/Laptop to Spotify on your phone so you can control music from one device to another. The music is all free its even free for non subscription users. Another thing that is great if you subscibe is you can download the music so that if your somewhere that does not have internet you can still listen to your music but you can not do this if your using the free version. Its totally worth subcscibing to Spotify premium.

Daughter is on half term.

My Daughter is on school half term now for a week we don’t have much planned but I’m looking forward to a lay in. We are going to do some craft making and do a bit of shopping. I’m also going to be doing some reading, streaming,listening to music and taking part in my hubby’s streams. Well thats all for now its quite hot here so I’m going to go try cool down before my hubby’s Friday night stream on Twitch.

Enjoy the slide show of some of the pics I’ve posted since my time on here. This is just a few.

Another Year Older

So today is my Birthday, Im not really into Birthdays at my age (36), its just another day to me because i dont want to celebrate getting older though i have always said your as young as you feel. Anyway ive had a really nice day with the Hubby and my Daughter, I didnt do much but loved all the cards and gifts but the best thing about it was just having my Hubby and Daughter here, My Daughter had school but once she was home she got to spend the rest of my Birthday with me .