Pick N Melt

So My hubby came across this website that sell wax burners and melts. So with how much we both like these things we decided to get some and though it would be also nice to have a new burner for them. I picked Alien and Candy Floss and Hubby picked Chocolate Orange and Rain water. At the moment we have Alien burning and it smells amazing. I cant wait to burn the others to find out what they smell like. The melts come in a really cute pick n mix bag. Also it comes with some free tealights there is also some instructions and warnings leaflet. I would also like to say the prices are great and there is so many to choose from. Get yours here- https://www.picknmelt.com

Hidden disabilities

So as some of you may know my Daughter (12) has Autism and last weeks I came across a post on Facebook about these sunflower lanyards that are for people with hidden disabilities I thought that’s a great idea i will get my daughter one to wear. I was in two minds at 1st because it said they are for use in airports (We dont travel abroad), but i carried on reading and it said some supermarkets are rolling this idea out in ther shops too starting with sainsburys. Wearing one of these lanyards indicates you need additional support or a little bit more time. Also wearing a lanyard or one of the other sunflower items is a message to staff that if they see anyone wearing one of these to just ask “would you like help with anything”. I wont say too much more because I want you to have the exact correct information which can be found here in this link. https://www.hiddendisabilitiesstore.com/customer/account/login/ My Daughter wore her lanyard for the 1st time today even though she was with me and her Dad so if she needed help we was there but because it as her name, emergency contact info and disability on there I thought if she was to ever get lost then someone will have the info they need. My daughter wont talk to people she dont know so there is no way she would speak her name and my number if she was asked. I’ll be so happy when its rolled out in all the other supermarkets and not just supermarket but other shops and companys.

Here is the link again https://www.hiddendisabilitiesstore.com/customer/account/login/ I bought 2 lanyards and a pin and it cost just under £5. You can buy the lanyard and the info card separate or you can buy it as one.

Driven Colton and Rylee editions…

So I’ve been wanting the Colton edition of Driven for a while now but when it came to ordering it thought i cant get Colton without Rylee. Plus because I had to get the books from KBromberg’s website which she is based in the USA it would be cheaper to get them both at the same time due to shipping costs.

So they came today which I’m so.plesse about and Kristy ( the author) was so kind and added some other extra bits. I would order from her website again in the future if I’m unable to purchase I the U.k.

Kristy Bromberg is one of my fave authors along with Jodi Ellen Malpas and E L James.

Been quite busy…

My Daughter has on half term so me and her dad have been busy doing stuff with her and taking her out to places.

I keep meaning to post more on here but I dont just want to post for the sake of it.

In a few weeks I’ll have some stuff to post a Austism related thing and some book stuff.

So for now here are some of my recent things I purchased oh and a pic of some home made houmas that I made with my Nutribullet magic blender.

Here is a pic of my new fan, it sits on my neck and it lights up all different colours and as 3 diffrentvspped settings, it keeps me really cool and it’s very good at keeping you cool in a hot kitchen

My new book from another fave author of mine. #kbromberg

My Funko to sit with my brite bomber Funko.

And here is my home made houmas topped with paprika. This is alot healthier than shop bought and it’s cheaper. All it needs is a can of chickpeas, pinch of salt, teaspoon of dried garlic granules and two tablespoons of lemon juice. Just blitz it in the blender until smoothe.

Anyway I’ll be back again soon with the other stuff that I mentioned.

Oh and one more thing you can now find me on tiktok.

Bye for now…