So ive had Mixer for a few years now and ive only ever watched streams on there, So the past few days Ive done a bit of streaming on there to test it out. so this will be one of the other platforms ill be streaming from. Here is the link. https://mixer.com/Melissa_UK


Daughter is on half term.

My Daughter is on school half term now for a week we don’t have much planned but I’m looking forward to a lay in. We are going to do some craft making and do a bit of shopping. I’m also going to be doing some reading, streaming,listening to music and taking part in my hubby’s streams. Well thats all for now its quite hot here so I’m going to go try cool down before my hubby’s Friday night stream on Twitch.

Enjoy the slide show of some of the pics I’ve posted since my time on here. This is just a few.

Another Year Older

So today is my Birthday, Im not really into Birthdays at my age (36), its just another day to me because i dont want to celebrate getting older though i have always said your as young as you feel. Anyway ive had a really nice day with the Hubby and my Daughter, I didnt do much but loved all the cards and gifts but the best thing about it was just having my Hubby and Daughter here, My Daughter had school but once she was home she got to spend the rest of my Birthday with me .

New Book

All i am – Drews story

So i have had this story on my kindle since it was released but it never came out in paperback in Engish, So when I found it came out in paperback but in Hungarian i just had to get it to add to the rest of my Jodi Ellen Malpas books. I won’t be able to read it but it looks good with the rest of Jodis books. Here is the link if anyone else wishes to buy it http://londonikonyvcentrum.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=5025&search=Drew