My Sunday

I haven’t really been up to much today, Me and my little girl (not really little she’s 11) have been messing about with Snapchat on my phone so we had a right laugh with that even got some pics of the hubby Hehe. Also last week my Daughter choose to spend her money on the recipe book Pinch Of Nom so today we went through it and marked some pages that had nice recipes with post-it notes so we can come back to it and hopefully make some of them. After a few other things i had a latte and played a bit of Saints Row and some Fortnite. I like to play both modes of Fortnite with Save The World mode being my favourite. Aside from all that I didn’t do much else apart from sorting out clean clothes and putting them away. I’m trying to put something on here daily so hopefully I’ll have some really good things to post with new Switch games coming out and then there’s the books I’ll be reading and the new books I’ll be getting so i can post something about them maybe reviews or something. Anyway that’s all for now.

Paul if you see this no Meow lol… Hehe..