The Lego Movie 2 The Second Part (Film)… And The Lego Movie 2 (Video Game)…

The Lego Movie 2 The Second Part.

The Lego Movie 2 The Second Part.

So I’ve watched the newest Lego movie and I didn’t enjoy it as much as the 1st one, I found it a bit boring and couldn’t really get into it.The first one was the best one.

Now for The Lego Movie 2 Video Game.

I’m still currently playing this and so far its Ok …ish. I’m hoping it will get will get better, Again the 1st one is better than this so far so what I’ll do is give an update when it’s been completed. Fingers crossed that it gets better…

Update on the Lego Movie 2 Video Game. Well I’ve still not completed it maybe I will do one day, Its not as good as the 1st game I’m finding it boring and I just think it was a very bad purchase and a waste of money.


Iced Latte…

Iced Latte in my new pineapple mason jar, I love all things pineapple and if you have seen my other post on here with the bookshelves you will see my other pineapple things. If anyone has read the one night series by Jodi Ellen Malpas you will understand the pineapple thing. Funny thing is though when I was reading One night promised I actually had the same thing baking in the oven when I got to that point in the book where they was having the same thing. I never knew that was in the book. All I knew was there was a pineapple thing going on due to being in Jodis Facebook group. You need to go and read the book if you want to find out what thing I was baking that is mentioned in the book…

Brite Bomber (Fortnite)

Brite Bomber in the packet.
Very small collection of Brite Bomber, The Brite Bomber in the dome was what is in the packet.

So Fortnite is one of the other many games that I play. I like to play both modes of Fortnite they are Save the world and Battle royale. Yes I play Fortnite and there are many more people my age and older that do, I watch a really nice streamer on Twitch in her 50s play this. Anyway onto Battle Royale and the character I use, I always play as Brite Bomber I never use anyone else because I really like her unicorn theme, I do have Dark Bomber but I’m yet to use her she is just exactly the same as Brite Bomber just looks like a night version of her. I have the battle pass and I like doing the daily and weekly challenges and always make sure to complete the battle pass. Now onto the other mode of Fortnite.
Save the word is great fun there is lots of missions to choose from and you can earn Vbucks for daily challanges, There are quite a few types of missions like rescuing the survivors, Killing encampments, build the radar tower and more. In save the world you are killing husks and not people. My fave character in save the world is Penny but I don’t use her often because she runs too slow so at the moment I play as Jess. I would love to be able to play as Brite Bomber in this mode but unfortunately, that’s not possible right now.


I love this app, this is where i listen to all of my music, Im on the family plan which gives you 6 accounts, I have my Hubby and Daughter on with me. The family plan works out so much cheaper at £14.99 rather than £9.99 each. I used to use the free version which is ok if you dont mind being only being able to skip the songs a few times every hour. I love that you can sync your Spotify on the PC/Laptop to Spotify on your phone so you can control music from one device to another. The music is all free its even free for non subscription users. Another thing that is great if you subscibe is you can download the music so that if your somewhere that does not have internet you can still listen to your music but you can not do this if your using the free version. Its totally worth subcscibing to Spotify premium.

Daughter is on half term.

My Daughter is on school half term now for a week we don’t have much planned but I’m looking forward to a lay in. We are going to do some craft making and do a bit of shopping. I’m also going to be doing some reading, streaming,listening to music and taking part in my hubby’s streams. Well thats all for now its quite hot here so I’m going to go try cool down before my hubby’s Friday night stream on Twitch.

Enjoy the slide show of some of the pics I’ve posted since my time on here. This is just a few.